Volunteer needed!
From the end of may, we are looking for someone who can support us with our little non-government-organisation for kids on the island of Flores, Indonesia.

The task:
Twice a week we are having little workshops to encourage the kids to develop their own ideas and to trust theit own imagination. Our focus us on educating the creative mind, without having “right or wrong”. We want to teach the kids to trust their own ideas, their own imagination and we want them to learn to value their own creativity as something unique and something worth dealing with.
In school they are only taught to copy, repeat and talk in choirs. We want to offer the kids an open space where they have the chance to explore, develop and broaden their creative skills. At the moment our focus is on drawing (mainly due to the lack of other material), but any other technique is very welcome too.

Do you have ideas how to show the kids what their creativiy is?
You have the energy, enthusiuasm and fun to work with kids?
Are you an enthusiastic creative mind and are able to motivate others?

We are looking for people who can support our cause. Who are capable of organizing, preparing and holding workshops by them selves. If indonesian is a problem, of course we are there to translate. Since we are only 2 people at the moment, we cannot offer a lot to give you back. Except for the fun with the kids, their happy faces and of course the stunning beauty of the island of Flores.
We cannot yet offer accommodation, but we can arrange for reduced prices – we can eat together.
Long(er) term help would be perfect, but also travelers who only have some time to give are very welcome to come over aand leave us with their creative input 😉

Shoot me a line!